Quick Release Roof Top Tent Mount

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Style: Set of Two (SINGLE CHANNEL crossbar)


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5 inches wide

1 3/4 inches deep

1 7/8 inches tall

3,000 lb dynamic weight load

Customer Reviews

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Best money spent so far.

First off wish these were on the market way sooner have been truck tent camping for almost 5 years now and wished I’d found these in the beginning. The space between rack and tent was less than 4 inches and I could barely fit my hands under with the rack. install was a pain in the ass. Seen these at show, simple concept, durable design worth the money$$ had to have a set. once I got these and installed, installation and removal now is within 10 minutes. Game changer time saver. I have recommended these brackets multiple times and know at least four friends have purchased all have said the same thing. Best thing they could’ve bought to help mount their tents. So yes, I highly recommend this product. Considering getting another set for my recovery toolbox as well making it easy to removed from truck to prevent theft when not over landing.!!

Incredible time saver!!

It was an absolute pain in order to reach the bracket bolts for my tent on my Bronco with the roof rack to remove and install my tent. I love the fact that the brackets on the rack stay put and are exactly where you need them, so you are not having to remeasure to center the tent EVERYTIME.
It really is worth it if you don't want to have the tent riding around in tow all season long!
Great product and build quality and love the convenience!

Luis Montes
Quick & easy RTT solution

The mounts are easy to install and mount to majority of racks. This makes it east to remove your rooftop tent. These are tested and build quality is great. Highly recommend if you have roof top tent.

Luke P.
Life is so much easier! Haha

These things are a no brainer! I put these on the bed rack of my Silverado and have never looked back. I have a hoist in my garage that lifts my tent off the truck and holds it there. With these things in place, It literally takes minutes to attach and go all by myself. A++++

Waypoint Overland
So simple Yet so effective!

The Hard Impact Designs Quick Release Roof Top Tent Mounts are a product that you wonder how you lived without it once you use them. Being able to take off your roof top tent at a whim, allows you to use your rig as an everyday vehicle, getting better gas mileage, and park inside your garage!

I'll be using them on my journey this year along the Pan-American Highway, and this will allow me to remove my tent if necessary when an overhead obstacle arises. As well as be stored temporarily on certain parts of the trip.

Also, I have additional mounts that I plan to install for a shovel, rotopax and recovery boards.

Simple, strong design that allows for lots of convenience.

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